Xamarin and Xamarin Forms Sample Projects

Xamarin is an awesome company.  I’ve been a fan of the mono project for a decade now and I’ve used it professionally at several large companies.  I was slightly worried when Novell was bought and the future of the mono project seemed dim, but I should have had faith in Miguel and the others as they quickly formed a new independent company and started moving forward at lightning speed.

Up until recently, I haven’t had the opportunity to work on a professional mobile project using the Xamarin Platform, so when the when one presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

The requirements of the project were straight forward so I decided to use Xamarin Forms to share as much code between Android and iOS as possible.  Overall, Xamarin Forms is quite impressive, as it allows you to share a lions share of your UI code without compromising the native feel of the application.  As with any relatively young framework, I’ve had to work through small issues.  One of them was the absence of the Cancel button on an ActionSheet for iOS.  Several people had reported this to be a problem based on my searches in the forum and I proceeded to clone the xamarin-forms-samples to check it out.

As I was working through some issues, I came across an issue in which Xamarin Studio was failing to compile and deploy to the iOS Simulator.  It failed with an error of ‘No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain’.  After a little bit of google-fu, I found a bug with a similar symptom.  Also, this post on the forums Error: No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain. when I update xamarin 5.7 HELP ME!!!! illustrates and contains the work around for the problem.

Happily, when I removed the Custom Entitlements from the iOS Bundle Signing properties in Project Options, the sample ran fine in the simulator.